DIY Pallet Swing – How we did it!

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The ultimate spring/summer DIY project!
– Cost $140 (could be cheaper if you buy cheaper cushions)

Austin and I had some pallets around our house so I started dreaming up ways I could use them around the house. I came across a pallet swing idea and I fell in love. We had a tire swing (that no one was using) and I felt like we would get more use out of a swing. I could imagine editing pictures outdoors on it, reading, taking a nap (lol), or just sitting while I let the dogs play outside on a warm spring/summer day. It took some work, but I am in love with the results!

It was a pretty quick project, it only took one afternoon and we even made a supply run. It was a spontaneous idea that I decided on doing that morning. I could have saved some money on cushions if I had been able to wait and order them online, but I really wanted the entire project to be done as soon as possible so I didn’t want to wait.

We started with two pallets. The single pallets boards were a little far apart for comfort so we took the boards from another pallet and nailed those down to the first. This was probably the hardest part of the whole project. Our boards were nailed with really thick and long nails (it must have been used to carry something heavy) so we had a few boards crack and we had to start over while trying to get boards off. Once we were finally able to gather all the boards we needed we nailed them down and sanded the entire pallet with sandpaper.

What one pallet looked like without adding the boards. As you can see you could fall through the swing.
We used a total of two pallets for this project.
The final look after adding the boards from the other pallet.

After sanding the pallet we painted the pallet white. We have a blue house with white shutters so I thought a white swing with blue cushions would really tie into our home. We started off by spray painting it white (used two cans) to prime it. It took less of our actual paint because of that. We actually had some white external paint leftover from another home project that we did, but you could get away with getting a pint of white paint and that would be enough. I put about two coats on the pallet. We then sealed it with a polyurethane to waterproof it and protect it against weather.

Once the paint was dry we predrilled holes in each corner of the pallet and then add eye bolts in each hole. We used 300lb braided rope (make sure it is weather sealed) to hang it in the tree.

I went to Walmart and bought two of the long outdoor seat cushions and tied them to the eye bolts so they would not blow away. You want to make sure to get outdoor cushions so you can just leave them outside – not ruining if it rains! I actually found the pillows at Ross and they just happened to match perfectly (pure luck)! The long cushions are $40 a piece, but you can find them here cheaper.

Please comment with any questions! I hope you find this helpful and it inspires you to work with things you have laying around your home.

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